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Tree of the month: Alder (Rebloged from Science on the Land)

Tree of the month: Alder Posted on April 26, 2013 by argylesock The moon was full last night. So according to my favourite version of the Ogham ‘tree calendar’, we’re now halfway through the Month of the Alder. You might choose to follow my ‘ogham’ tag for other posts in this series. The ancient Celts used … Continue reading


Interested in Textiles?

Natural Roving Interested in textiles? Are you weaving, spinning, knitting, felting (all or some of the above) obsessed? If yes, we are looking for artists to participate in a locally made / dyed / created fibre project! Spread the word and contact us here in the comments or on our facebook page. We are also…

Starting Seedlings
Growing Things

Starting Seedlings

I started my seedlings this week: tomatos, winter and summer squash, pumpkins and a few edible flowers like nasturtiums. I set everything up in the kitchen, which, let me tell you,  felt incredibly luxurious compared to the greenhouse last April.  Having heat, and running water (ahem, a bathroom),  is amazing for this somewhat messy/dexterous job. … Continue reading